Why is the Hindu ritual of serving milk on suhagraat (Wedding Night) scientific?

The room is decorated with flowers and the bed is decorated with petals of a rose, lots and lots of fruit next to the bed.

I used to think that when I was a kid they would eat all those fruits, sweets, and milk and sleep quench their thirst.

Let me get to ‘ why the part of the hell milk. ‘ Imagine yourself as a bride walking in a room filled with the smell of rose and Jasmine and a stranger now-husband ‘ the bridegroom, ‘ waiting to rip away from your clothes and satisfy his desire to have coetus with you, how would you feel?

You’re not going to feel nervous? You’re not going to shake like a vibrator?

Want to see your husband’s shaking hands in terror, nervousness, or perhaps excitement.

So to avoid getting caught with a shaky hand and feeling embarrassed about it they give you a glass of milk that can also be replaced with a glass of Gatorade to improve the performance of your husband and be more active or a glass of poison if you don’t like your husband.

Remember that there’s another alternative to milk such as Vaseline or any petroleum jelly, redbull, a camera if you’re a selfie freak and posting on Facebook (sleeping with XYZ and 49 others) .

No kidding offenders.